Esperanza Twister Cooling Pad

Notebook cooling pad with a modern, stylish shape.


Notebook cooling pad with a modern, stylish shape. It has built a very quiet,backlit, big fan. It removes heat from underneath the notebook, cooling it andreducing the operating temperature of the components which ensures stable operation and longer battery life. Built-in 1-port USB 1.0 hub for easyconnection of additional devices and does not take up space on the desk. Solidlyconstructed, durable design easily supports the weight of the notebook. It does not require an external power source - powered from the USB port of the notebook. On the side of a built-in power switch. No installation required.Durable, comfortable and easy to carry. Compatible with all types of notebooks.




Number of ports 1 port
Number of fans 1
Airflow 18 CFM
Fan speed 2400 rpm
Noise level 29 dBA
Power consumption 0.9 W
Fan dimensions 160x160x20 mm
Pad diemnsions 345x320x36 mm