Fox Web was established in 2009 in the area of Attica. From its inception the main objective of the company was to offer quality web services to its clients in a professional and transparent manner. Since then Fox Web has acquired many businesses and public bodies as clients, both big and small. Our main motivational factor comes from knowing our clients are happy and stay that way by continuing to grow their businesses with us on their side.

Once you get in contact with us and describe what you need, we will begin to form a strategic plan together that will fulfill your desires and needs. We will provide you with web related statistics targeted specifically to the services or products your business provides. In the following days we will send you a personalised and affordable offer that will cover your wants and needs. Once the terms of the offer are agreed upon our collaboration will begin. We will proceed with implementing the plan we have constructed for you and make any change you deem necessary. During the implementation phase we will keep in contact, providing you with updates and statistics of our progress. After the plan is implemented we will continue improving our strategy together, keeping you updated along the way about new ways we can improve our plan as to make your company grows and build trust on our collaboration.

As a team, we strive to get involved and stay informed about new web technologies and methodologies so that we can improve ourselves and our clients businesses. Our experts get involved with our clients to provide them with the professional care they deserve and assist them in any way possible.