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5 Tips to reduce cart abandonment

As an ecommerce merchant, you know how much is involved in getting customers to make a purchase. Site design, security, marketing campaigns, stock management, shipping… But no matter how hard you work, many customers will leave your site before making a purchase. Worse,  a good number of them will fill a basket with items without following through to a sale—this is shopping cart abandonment and it’s the bane of every e-merchant’s existence. The reasons for it vary, but one thing is certain: it costs stores lot of money.

How to Choose an eCommerce Platform

You reading this article most probably means that you already know that eCommerce is huge nowadays, there's more than 50% of global Internet users who are making their purchases online. It counts approximately a billion online buyers.

How to master digital gifting.

While the Holiday season has its fair share of “family dinner drama,” the hope is that one’s ecommerce experience is alleviating and not contributing to the monthly therapy bill.

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